Civil Law

Civil law contains the rules governing private legal relationships of all natural and legal persons. Our main areas of work on civil law concern:

Real Estate Law

We work with selected notaries, engineers, property valuers and tax consultants to offer specialized services and integrated solutions for acquiring, maintaining, managing and transferring Real Estate Property in Greece.

Additionally, our law office: "I.P. Christodoulou Law Office", runs the website created for the sole purpose of providing free information about Greek Real Estate Law as well as answering personalized questions for free.

Contracts and Legal Agreements

We undertake private contracts and legal agreements which record in detail the economic and other agreements of natural persons or companies for their personal and commercial transactions.
We achieve a clear description of all the terms and agreements of the contracting parties by drafting explicit private agreements, commercial agreements, franchising, leasing etc.

Company Law

We undertake the establishment and representation of companies of all kinds in Greece, but also abroad, through a network of carefully selected and trusted partners.
We take care of the lawful and smooth activity of each business providing practical support and specialized advice on labor, financial and tax issues.
We also ensure the management of any issues that may arise during their commercial activities, but also the fair distribution of assets to partners and lenders during a litigation process.

Inheritance Law

We handle cases of inheritance, either if the deceased has left a will or not, in collaboration with experienced tax consultants and notaries of our team. We handle all inheritance processes and we take legal action in cases of disputes.
We undertake all kinds of inheritance cases, which usually go beyond the inheritance tax law and we ensure that any other rights and obligations of the deceased are well managed.

Family Law

We provide responsible advice for restoring and resolving disrupted personal and property relationships with sensitivity and discretion. We achieve fair compromises or in case of legal litigation we provide representation with experience and prestige.
We process and suggest civil partnership agreements wich regulate personal and property relationships of spouses based on family law and our multiannual experience on gender issues.


We defend the rights of borrowers against banking institutions minimizing their claims and preventing property confiscation procedures.
We limit the possibility of issuing payment orders, or we claim their annulment, challenging their accounting data and their probative force based on the application of the Consumer Protection Act.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law describes the exclusive rights the intellectual creator acquires over his original works. Copyrights exist in works of art and literature, photographs and videos, theater, books, and other creations such as software or databases.


We register trademarks in the name of natural or legal entities in Greece and the European Union. We conduct brand availability checks and advise our principals on how to obtain maximum protection of their trademark for their services and products.

Internet Law

We have specialized knowledge on cyber law issues. We provide complete support to startup companies from their establishment and throughout their business cycle. We undertake the active protection of all intellectual rights that are trafficked on the Internet and we advise our principals on issues related to the protection of their online transactions and the personal data.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the set of rules of law that make certain behaviors a crime and threaten criminal sanctions against their actors. Our main arias of specialization in the field of criminal law concern:

We first assess the facts and evidence of criminal behavior and subject them to the corresponding Criminal Law rules. We draw up a true and detailed description of the facts and protect our clients with credible lawsuits or reports to the competent prosecutor.

Apologetic memos

We assist the respondent at the stage of the preliminary investigation or the main questioning, in principle by thoroughly examining all the evidence in the file and drawing the appropriate defense line. We prepare written explanations or apologetic memos and at this stage we succeed in withdrawing or limiting the acusations and not imposing restrictive terms.

Court Assistance

We have excellent knowledge and years of experience with positive results in defending our principals in courts of all levels throughout the Greek Estate. We emphasize in the preparation of each case, we check the lawfulness of the criminal proceedings and we develop an in-depth narrative.
Our main areas of action in the area of Criminal Law are:
Credit crimes against property
Physical and material injuries
Traffic accidents
Fraud, Suspicion, Faith and misconduct cases